Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Our physical therapists have experience in treating a wide range of orthopedic injuries and disabilities including amputations, joint replacements, tendon and ligament repairs and other orthopedic complications. Each patient receives an individualized and specialized rehabilitation plan to ensure they achieve maximal function.
Neurological Rehabilitation
Our physical therapists treat neurological conditions including Parkinsons, stroke, spinal cord injuries, and peripheral nerve injuries.

Each patient’s program is designed to regain range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, and function allowing the patient to resume work and daily activities.

Spine Rehabilitation
Our therapists are skilled in treating patients with acute and chronic conditions providing benefits which maximize physical function, joint flexibility and muscular strength. The use of proper body mechanics into daily activities is stressed to reduce the risk of future injury.
Sports Medicine
Our team involves the physician, athlete, physical therapist, athletic trainer, coach and family. Our athletic trainers routinely attend high school and collegiate practice and sporting events to provide medical assistance and expertise in evaluating an injury.
Aquatic Program
Water is truly a unique medium. It provides an excellent environment for many of our patients. Aquatic exercise can provide such benefits as decreased pain, improved coordination, decreased guarding, increased flexibility, muscle strengthening and relaxation. Aquatic therapy is offered at our Gadsden location.
Industrial Rehabilitation
Rehab Partners has designed our Industrial Rehabilitation Program to meet the needs of the employer, physician, insurance carriers and case managers. The focus of this program is on job specific activities. It is supported by strength training and conditioning activities which are designed to reduce the risk of re-injury. Every evaluation is custom tailored to match the unique functions of a specific job.

Hand Rehabilitation
Therapists on staff have extensive training and experience in fractures, tendon injuries, nerve injuries, traumatic wounds, burns, arthritis, cumulative trauma and amputations.

Our abilities and professionalism has allowed Rehab Partners to gain the trust and confidence of surgeons and physicians throughout the Southeast.